WK 20 – Free to Fly!

Free to Fly! Several weeks ago, I was feeling pretty “down.” After months of working so hard to keep up with everything in MKMMA, I knew I had made some progress, but I had reached what seemed like a standstill. In fact, I even had fleeting thoughts that maybe I was actually worse off since the beginning of the course…. Read more

Wk 19 – ENTHUSIASM & My 3-Foot Giant Hero

ENTHUSIAM¬†& My 3-Foot Giant Hero My focus for one week on the quality of enthusiasm in myself and others led me to a wonderful discovery — someone I would have probably never learned about had I not committed to the 13-week “personality makeover,” based on Benjamin Franklin’s plan. As we are learning in MKMMA, being the OBSERVER of the qualities… Read more

Wk 18 – Virtues Plan of Action

Virtues Plan of Action We are now in our fifth week of the MKMMA Total Personality Makeover. With some changes to the list of virtues named, as well as the approach to the list, it is based on Benjamin Franklin’s character makeover he called “Plan for Attaining Moral Perfection.”¬† Franklin’s plan enabled him to focus on the virtues he felt… Read more


You’re Freaking Me Out! Change can be frightening. For some, it can be freaking terrifying. In the Master Key Experience, resistance and conflict may arise in the process of making changes, especially, when our Old Blueprint doesn’t come close to aligning with our New Blueprint or our Definite Major Purpose. Other people’s stories can help us get a better perspective… Read more

Wk 17 – Take Out the Trash!

Take Out the Trash! In the film, “Peaceful Warrior,” based on the book by the same name, Dan is an arrogant, self-centered young man. As a gymnast, Dan works to train his body. His mentor, whom he calls Socrates, patiently works to train Dan’s mind. “Take out the trash,” Socrates tells him often, meaning to clear his mind. Be in… Read more

Wk 16 – Simple Acts of Kindness

Simple Acts of Kindness Although we may often miss them, simple acts of kindness are everywhere. This week in MKMMA, one assignment was to observe kindness in other people, as well as in ourselves. We were instructed not to overlook children and animals in our search.. We were also required to share our observations with the Master Mind group. Easy… Read more